Co-worker choir

Skill Level Beginner to advanced
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Looking for something a bit different to boost morale in the office? The weekly rounds of the fifteen minute angels or the office yoga session might relieve a bit of tension, but if you’re looking to improve the culture of your organisation you need something that brings people together. Whether it’s the national anthem, or a round of Kumbaya around a campfire, humans have been using song to come together and express their collective identities for time immemorial. We sing to celebrate weddings, football wins, and birthdays; we sing to farewell loved ones, mark rites of passage, and share our passions. We sing for the pure joy of being together. That’s what singing is really for. It’s for building and expressing the bonds of community. Regular communal singing sessions can help your teams: Hone communication skills through active listening Lower stress levels and boost mood Improve physical health through gentle whole-body exercise Enhance memory, analytical skills, and creative thinking Beats a bar-tab for team bonding, right?

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