Ernesto Neto Fernandez

  • Music and percussion degree.

Drumming and Percussion lessons
Design your own drum studio.

Learn how to play drums and Latin Percussion having fun. reading rhythm.
Bass drum independence for basic patterns in different styles of music
Meet the music and percussion world having fun through easy apps.

Latin 2 developed independence
-Learn tunning your own drum kit.
-get deeper into different styles of music .
-Modern music using programs
-double bass drum techniques.
-Improvising and soloing techniques
-Improve your sound with different techniques, odd rhythms, Polyrhythm, superimposition, developing independence reading rhythm and exercising your own technique for foot and hands.

-Jazz, fussion Latin and beyond
-Soloing. Adaptations .ensemble and variations

  • get better sound with less effort.
    -Recording sessions
    -Jam session and ensamble

I've designed Fun programs for all ages, Even for those who want to learn with dance participation.

Home lessons Areas of teaching :
Form NSW north Colloongatta - Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast .
Pricing : $60 studio / hour
$70/ hour at your place. please ask for schedules.

Music Degree in Music.

Southport Gold Coast, QLD
273 Herses Road, Queensland
Eagleby, QLD
Also travelling in the local area
0452 459 664
Tambourine, QLD
Fortitude Valley, QLD
Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD
Sunnybank, QLD


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