Evan Elsley

Evan Elsley brings a unique perspective to Violin pedagogy and research. He has many decades of experience as a strings examiner for Diplomas, auditions, scholarships, matriculation exams, eisteddfods and talent quests. He is well versed in adjudicating candidates representing a full range of talent, performance levels, teaching approaches and tertiary venues. He has worked collegiately with many professorial music educators.
Evan has taught tertiary Violin performance and teaching degrees and has held Director of Strings positions at private schools in England and Australia. A non-selective teacher, his students have won millions of dollars in Violin awards, scholarships and prizes and they have entered the profession.
Evan performs as a soloist and concert master. He has given world premieres, played for innumerable royalty, world leaders and the famous. He has led concert and recording orchestras, led chamber groups, ensemble recordings, given regular TV and radio broadcasts. He also has been the resident Solo Violinist at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Showboat, Sydney Hilton and Ritz Carlton International Hotels. He has performed many 100’s of times yearly to large audiences.
Evan Elsley teaches the intuitive techniques of talent. As a student, he started learning the Violin at the late age of 11. Within two years he was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to study with their Professor of strings and at 17 he was on a full tertiary scholarship at Sydney University’s music department. Evan was leader of the university’s resident string quartet and orchestras. He followed this with post graduate performance study of virtuosic solo repertoire at the PWSM Warsaw. (Chopin Conservatorium)
For more information about Evan's career, visit: www.violinlessons.com.au
Masterclasses, Diploma and scholarship preparation.

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