Evangelista (Eva) Kourtes

  • http://www.evangelistakourtes.com
  • PRS Endorsed Artist

  • In 2015, after playing for only three years Eva won the ‘Queen of Strings’, best female guitarist in the world award.

  • An Australian musician who has performed nationally and internationally.

In 2016 Eva wanted to fulfill one of her greatest dreams, which was to gift students with the most pragmatic and immersive approach to learning music. The increasing interest to Eva's musical abilities grew an inate eagernes for her to teach, her niche music method to anyone showing the same musical passion and interest. This led to the inception of her music school. It's here that this simple and perpetually productive method allows each student a more intence and individualised, learning perspective. Raising the individuals profficiancy in music to a rapid and solid entry, into the music proffesion. The teaching format has proven to excel students to be recognised as uniquely styled professionals, rather then the generalised cookie cutter, musician.

840 Sydney Rd Brunswick
Brunswick, VIC


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