Evelyn Finnerty

  • The Royal Academy of Music London
  • School Support Officer

Born in Ireland, Evelyn Finnerty from Blarney, Co, Cork grew up in a musical family, and was raised the traditional way, spending many childhood days in musical settings and sessions. Evelyn teaches to read music but also, having first learnt to play by ear, has the wonderful ability to teach “by ear”, for those who find the music notation tedious.

She is a master of traditional Irish, folk and bluegrass and also plays the blues, country, rock, jazz and funk with varies bands in Sydney and Wollongong. She is well known around the traps as a dervish on the fiddle. Evelyn has taught the fiddle for 20 years plus, and plays regularly with the band "Oz To Be Sure", 3 o clock sunset" “The Tinkers”, “Paddy On Ice", “Scallion” and played with the likes of Jimmy Moore and Martin Doherty.

A resident of Australia since 1993, Evelyn is an established and highly regarded fiddle teacher and player on the Irish music and Australian folk scene throughout Sydney and Australia.

Evelyn is also a qualified School Support Officer and works in the primary and secondary schools in the Illawarra where music plays a part of her programme when teaching the curriculum.

Details last updated: May 23, 2024