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  • Anyone can learn to sing!
  • Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance)

Hello, future singing superstars!

I'm not your typical singing teacher - I'm your musical co-pilot on a journey to vocal success!

Picture this: Singing lessons that are as exciting as your favorite song's chorus, and as dynamic as your vocal range. I'm the guide you never knew you needed to transform your voice from "just singing in the shower" to "wow, I can do this and I sound amazing!"

Each lesson comes with: Developed plans that caters to students of all ages and levels.

Perfect for: Beginners, Intermediates, or Advanced students.

Lessons are provided in:

  • 30 minute sessions = $40
  • 45 minute sessions = $50
  • 60 minute sessions = $60

My teaching style and knowledge in RnB, Soul/Blues, Jazz and Pop genres creates a perfect blend of proven techniques and personalised instruction tailored to each student's unique needs on their singing journey. I specialise in preparing students for AMEB exams, helping them to outstanding HSC music results, and assisting with eisteddfod and competition preparations.

I teach how to:

  • properly use the voice to develop a wider vocal range and experience multiple vocal registers
  • maintain proper breath control by using diaphragm/breathing techniques
  • learn to project with power without damaging the voice
  • workshopping during lessons
  • exam, HSC, audition, competition and Rockschool preparation

Whether you're a beginner looking to hit those high notes for the first time or an advanced singer aiming for the stars, I've got you covered. We'll explore the wonders of your vocal chest, mixed, and head voices, learn the art of diaphragm breathing, and unlock the secrets to singing without strain.

So, why choose me? Because I'm not just a teacher; I'm a singing enthusiast, a mentor, and your biggest fan. Let's embark on this musical adventure together!

Wattle Grove, NSW
Sydney, NSW


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