Faith Paschalidis

  • Completing Bachelor Of Music Contemporary


I am an experienced vocal coach teaching all ages at Octave8 Music Academy in Sydney, 1 on 1 lessons at my home studio and currently holding live online lessons. I’m a trained vocalist with 7 years of experience interpreting and performing across a variety of genres and styles.

I love to help people find comfort and flexibility in their natural voice along with teaching vocal techniques that will allow them to gain more strength and confidence in their vocals and learn how to openly sing in a fun, expressive and comfortable space.

I teach how to properly use the voice to develop a wider vocal range and experience multiple vocal registers, maintain proper breath control by using diaphragm/breathing techniques, and learn to project with power without damaging the voice. Every person and voice is different so I assess each student individually and create a personal lesson plan to ensure they're moving on the right track, comfortably, whilst getting the best out of them!

I believe everyone has the ability to learn how to sing, so if this is something your looking for then begin your musical journey with me today!

Wattle Grove, NSW
0451 664 542


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