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Our experience.
All Find Your Voice coaches are highly qualified. In addition to working internationally as professional performers, we all hold a minimum of a graduate degree in music and additional training in vocal physiology. Some coaches also have psychology degrees.
If you have a preference, ask us for details.

What drives us to help you find your voice?
Find your voice was born out of a need expressed by our vocal coaching clients to go beyond just training their voice but to support them in building their identity.

Research proves that music and singing, storytelling and creative expression is good for a person's mental, physical and social well being.
We get so excited when we see out clients start to realise ambitions that they had only previously dreamed of.

Achieving a dream job, learning to sing for pleasure or even perform with a choir or band, and speaking with confidence at work or at a parent-teacher meeting are goals that many of our clients have had, and surpassed during their coaching with us. From years of training and experience, we have learned that when you find your true, authentic voice you will continue to grow and thrive.

How we coach you to find your voice?
Our approach is strongly influenced by positive psychology. All of our programs and coaching focus on growth and solutions. We coach with the intention that you will feel ownership of your skills and achievements, thus building confidence in your abilities.

All Find Your Voice staff are or have been professional performers internationally at a high standard as well as having further advanced training in physiology and psychology. The skills used as professional performers are transferable to the performances we give in everyday life.
We will train you to give your best performance, every time.

Details last updated on May 24, 2019