Styles Popular Music (Jazz, Blues, Rock), Opera, Musical Theatre, Acting, Public Speaking.
Skill Level All levels. Beginner to Professional
Suitability Ages 4 to 99 years


We coach all ages and all skill levels.
Singing lessons can help you build confidence, feel better and most of all, are fun. People take singing lessons for a variety of reasons, from the sheer pleasure of singing to developing skills they already have.

How will a Singing Teacher help me?
Singing lessons will be what you want them to be. For some they are an opportunity to learn a new hobby or have a creative outlet in a safe environment. For others it is a place to hone and learn new musical, vocal and performance skills. In your first lessons we will work out what it is you need from the lessons and make a plan to ensure you get it.

What do we do in Singing Lessons?
With coaches that hold advanced degrees in Performance and Teaching and many years as both students, professional performers and a teachers each client will receive a lesson unique to their own needs and skill set, at a pace that suits them, from no experience with music to professional performers and singers.

When do you teach?
Times are flexible, available during and outside of office hours.

I can’t read music, is that a problem?
Not at all. We will work through the songs at a pace that is comfortable for you and use
alternative ways to learn the songs.

I have an audition coming up. Can you help?
ABSOLUTELY. I have prepared students for an extensive range of auditions and competitions including:
University & Music School Entry Auditions
Musical Theatre Auditions
Competition Auditions
Choirs (as a member or solo performer)
Talent shows (local and international)


Singing Technique
Music Theory and Aural Skills
New Songs and polish songs you already know (Repertoire)
Performance Technique
Pitch and tone
Articulation (enunciating clearly and pronouncing words properly)
Exercises to strengthen your voice and develop your technique
Posture and how you use your body in a performance

Our studio is located in the Nicholas Building at 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Melbourne, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
Contact Find Your Voice
0420 812 121

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