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Find Your Voice

VOCAL COACHING-Singing & Speaking

Styles: All Voices. All uses. All styles.

Skill Level: All levels. Beginner to Professional

Build confidence in your voice and performance skills and captivate your audience.

Who we are.

All Find Your Voice staff are or have been professional performers internationally at a high standard as well as having further advanced training in physiology and psychology. The skills used as professional performers are transferable to the performances we give in everyday life. We will train you to give your best performance, every time.

How we coach

Our coaching optimises the relationship between the mind, the body and our creativity as human beings.
We coach with an emphasis on empathy, compassion and patience.

Empathy allows our coaches to engage with clients in a meaningful and honest way that creates a pathway to learning that would not be possible without a deeper understanding of each other.

Insightful critique of work when coupled with the guidance of a skilled, knowledgeable and supportive coach yields consistent and lasting growth.
In addition to extensive study we have worked in the field. We will offer you support through the learning process and know the challenges you experience, because we have been there.

We are strongly influenced by positive psychology. Our style of coaching focuses on growth and solutions.
We coach with the intention that you will feel ownership of your skills and achievements, thus building confidence in your abilities.

Our studio is located in the Nicholas Building at 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Melbourne, VIC

Also travelling in the local area
Tel 0420 812 121
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