Finding Your Voice

  • PhD Performance (Curtin University)
  • BMus Hons in Music Therapy (Melbourne University).
  • Estill Certificate of (voice) Figure Proficiency
  • Registered Music Therapist

FINDING YOUR VOICE - Singing Lessons tailored to your needs
Whether you are a professional or semi-professional needing to address a pesky vocal health problem, or a beginner not sure if you can sing in tune, work with experienced and passionate singer, teacher, therapist (music), performer Raelene Bruinsma to find a vocally healthy sound and style that fits you. Sing for joy, fun, to develop and expand your vocal palette and/or range, to address technical vocal issues, to address vocal health issues, to develop the capacity to sing in tune, and/or as a means of self-exploration. I will draw from a large tool box of exercises and activities to help you develop a mastery of your instrument you may not have realised was possible. One hour lessons individually tailored for your goals.

SING YOUR OWN SONG - Songwriting
Singing is such a wonderful way of expressing yourself: imagine how it feels to sing your own song! This is a short course to unlock creativity you may not not have known you had, develop it in new directions, and craft it into a song whether or not you have any musical, singing, or songwriting experience. Usually an 8 week course, it sometimes works as an intensive over a shorter period of time, but with the same number of hours. Next course: summer intensive in January 2017.

Raelene took over the direction of non-auditioned community choir "Working Voices" from Bernard Carney in 2015 in its 26th year of existance. Working Voices is a choir that "sings the issues" by focusing on a repertoire of "songs that matter". Sometimes known as "the feisty angels", Working Voices sings songs about environmental issues and social justice, always striving for that perfect balance between inclusivity and access for anyone and creating the best singing sound we can. A passionate and welcoming group of individuals. We will be running workshops in May and September to give people a chance to spend a day singing with us, just for the fun of it, and/or to try us out before joining.

My name is Raelene and I am passionate about voice: I get excited about the intricacies of how it works; its expressive and therapeutic potential; and the ins and outs of what makes good singing and performance. I bring to our work together over 20 years experience as a musician, teacher, singer/songwriter/storyteller,and registered music therapist. I was awarded a PhD in 2015 for my research into the ancient (5,000 year old) stories of Inanna from Sumer (southern Iraq) which I fashioned into a three-act one-woman show of storytelling and original songs, and am currently recording a triple album of songs and stories. I get really excited when I see my students begin to master their voices, learn a new vocal skill, and grow in confidence across other areas of their lives. I think music is both a potentially virtuosic art form, and a community virtue and should be practiced at all sorts of levels by anyone who feels drawn to do so. It's never too late to learn, and unless your voice is physically damaged, anyone can learn to sing!

I am a singer songwriter in a folk/blues/roots vein, but have also classical vocal training and am able to help you isolate function in various parts of the larynx to sing in the style you want, not my preferred style. I have toured and recorded my original songs, which have received airplay on both ABC and community radio in various parts of the country.

I was originally trained as a classical singer, and later retrained in contemporary styles. In the process I learned much about how the voice works, as well as about how different people teach and learn.

While singing is my first and greatest musical love, I also play guitar and flute.


"Raelene is a positive and enthusiastic person. I enjoy her classes as she is understanding and versatile. I love the passion she puts into her job. She always finds the right way to deliver her knowledge, coaching with endless ideas from her basket of experience. When I went looking for singing lessons I was looking for the best. I know I can loudly say that she is the best."
Gessica Monni, Tuesday Marmalade (Band name).

"I'm so grateful to Raelene - I had always loved the idea of singing but had that voice from childhood in my head - "you can’t sing, you sound terrible!" After years of miming rather than singing, I finally faced my fears and took lessons with Raelene. After only a few sessions, I was feeling confident enough to stop miming and actually sing! Raelene's approach is so accessible and fun. She told me before we started that everyone can learn to sing - at first I didn't really believe her, but I went from not being able to sing in tune to leading yoga chanting for groups..."
Chitra Stern, Yoga Teacher, Mother, Former Psychologist

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