Finding Your Voice - Singing Lessons

Styles Develop your own style, or work in a particular using safe and effective vocal techniques
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Pricing Specials sometimes offered, especially over summer. Initial 1hr lesson: $80. Block of 4 x 1hr lessons: $300. Block of 6 x 1hrs lessons: $420. 10% for continuing students. Cancellation and Reschedule policy applies on all bookings.


Singing is a skill that can be learned - we may all begin in a different place when we take lessons, but lessons can help us take the next steps forward.

You may never have sung before and even think you can't.

You may just love singing and want to do more of it.

You may be a professional or semi-professional singer with a pesky vocal health or technical problem.

Maybe when you sing you get a sore throat.

Singing lessons can be a fun (and sometimes challenging) way to address all of these needs. Additionally:

You may want help to put the passion into your performances, or expand your vocal palette.

Perhaps you just want to sing for fun, or in order to develop confidence.

Maybe accurate pitch has always been a difficulty - either in a small part of your range, or just generally (or in small ways or large).

Drawing from my knowledge and experience as a touring and recording singer/songwriter, the vocal science developed by Jo Estill, and over 20 years as a music therapist and teacher I can help you develop strategies and skills relating to all the above goals, while maintaining a strong emphasis on vocal health. You may have other goals you would like to discuss in an initial lesson.

We all have many voices available to us. Singing lessons can help you make choices about which ones you wish to develop and which ones "fit".


"Raelene is an amazing singing teacher, her knowledge and experience positively impacted my singing from day one. Her techniques and exercises are not only fun and dynamic but also very effective.
During her coaching I improved a lot and learn many important aspects and secrets about singing.
I wish I could have spent much more time in improving my voice and my singing skills with Raelene, however I moved to Houston for family reasons"

Manuel PanDávila (41), Engineer

Leederville, WA
0439 722 470

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