Bass and Guitar Tuition

Styles All
Skill Level Intermediate to advanced
Suitability Ages 12 years and up
Pricing $360 for 6 hour long lessons $195 for 6, 30 min lessons or $75 per hour

I help players intellectually and emotionally connect to the music they play and physically connect with the rhythm and groove. My mission is to help bass players step up in the game of musical ability, enthusiasm and interest. Bass should be mastered, not turned down. All too often I see bass players copying the root note from the guitar…… Why would you do that? lets face it, guitarists are usually monkeys wearing clothes that have been granted the power of speech. Why would you want to play a dumbed down version of what they are doing?

My students get to,

Learn to slap, pop and tap like a boss
Master the scales and modes (literally from nothing to all 7 modes in any key on any string instrument in 1 hour session)
Learn how to elaborate and add to a bass line in every way.
Learn how to lock in with a groove or drummer.
Record there tunes and demo the entire band.

87 Seymour Road
Elsternwick, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0404 128 828

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Details last updated on November 27, 2018