Fiona McMillan

  • ATCL Clarinet
  • ATCL Saxophone
  • LTCL Oboe
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment

Fiona is a passionate teacher of the Oboe and Cor Anglais with a lifelong obsession with promoting oboe playing and oboe music. She believes that the Oboe is one of most beautiful and expressive musical instruments and teaches in a style that promotes the development of this in student’s playing in conjunction with technical ability not as an afterthought. Fiona teaches students to play from the heart and that oboe playing is a full body physical experience. She has many years’ experience teaching students from beginner to advanced and prepares them not only for examinations but to take part in community music groups such as Wind bands, Orchestras and Chamber ensembles.
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St Ives, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0490 770 190


Details last updated on December 26, 2019