Performance Freedom - Live Performance Classes

Styles Learn how to create memorable moments for your audience!
Skill Level Beginner - Advanced
Suitability Ages 10 to 100 years
Pricing Please call or email to enquire about our range of prices

Mastering your craft as a musician is a very important skill if you intend to perform in front of an audience. Of equal importance is an artists ability to maintain the attention of the audience by delivering a knockout performance.
When going to see our favourite artists in concert, we expect they will do far more then just stand there and sing or play (even if it is showing great skill.) At Freedom Music Studios we aim to develop our students as far as their aspirations take them. Once a song has been technically perfected, we offer to extend the student by adding live performance elements.
It's important to understand that audience members come to be captured and engaged, to experience personal moments and to be changed in a positive way. A large percentage of a live performance is not about what they audience hears but what they see. This is why it is crucial to become a seasoned performer.
Our Live Performance Courses begin by teaching the fundamentals including...

  • Ways to get places on stage

  • Angles and stage positions

  • Microphone grips

  • Microphone stand techniques

  • Directing the audience attention

  • Hand gestures

  • Expressions

  • Introductions

  • Accepting applause

  • Interpreting lyrics

  • Using instrumental breaks

  • Allowing spontaneity

During class, students will workshop songs they are currently learning in their private lessons and be given feedback and suggestions by the instructor and other class members about how they could add to the entertainment value of their performance.

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