Primary Schools

Group Size Groups of up to 12 participants
Styles Kids, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Metal, Fingerstyle
Skill Level Beginner - Avanced
Suitability Ages 6 to 13 years
Pricing $40 per fortnight

Do you want expert, fun, affordable guitar lessons right in your school?

Let us take the headache out of music tuition, with reduced hassle for parents and no travel cost or time.

At Fretvision Music Tuition we help kids to discover a passion for music while mastering their instrument using proven, cutting-edge learning techniques.

With over 10 teachers specialising in many styles of guitar and keyboard we can cater to all musical tastes.

Students are taught:

Cool tunes
Basic chords
Elementary music theory
A repertoire of songs of their own choice
Technical Skills at each level
How to read music and TAB
How to plat together with other kids
How to rock out!

Our teachers emphasise having FUN while learning and practicing, with students playing music right from their first lesson.


Lessons can be conducted on a one on one basis ensuring students learn at their own pace, or as a group of 5 - 12 students, making it more fun and cost effective.

Lessons are held every week in 30 minute slots during school hours.

Ask for available times when you enquire.

Lessons run for 10 weeks and coincide with the school term. Lessons are also available during school holidays and any missed lessons can be made up then if not done during the school term.

-------We offer a free no obligation trial lesson to get started-----------


One Class - $40 per fortnight
Two Classes - $75 per fortnight
Three Classes - $100 per fortnight

These fees are charged to your bank account each fortnight and are continuous, only stopping at the end of each year for 4 weeks.

These lessons are good for beginners that like to join in with others and families who want to save money. Your child will receive one half hour group lesson each week of the school term valued at $24 each.

Ratcliffe Crescent
Florey, ACT
Contact Jake Lang
0433 043 381
Astrolabe St
Red Hill, ACT
Contact Jake Lang
0433 043 381
Corlette Crescent
Monash, ACT
Contact Jake Lang
0433 043 381
Belconnen, ACT
Also travelling in the local area
Contact Jake Lang
0433 043 381

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