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Pete began playing guitar at the early age of 3 years old in 1987. Influenced by his parents both being professional musicians, Pete learned the acoustic stylings of artists such as Heart, King Crimson and Joan Baez. His family formed a band in 1996 called 'Seraphina' and recorded 2 albums.

By the age of 15 Pete had become influenced by artists such as Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix and Santana and was bought his first electric guitar. Feeling need to grow from his early folk roots, Pete formed his first rock band 'Pure Greed' playing a mix of classic rock and blues.

On finishing school Pete became a professional guitarist in a Ska Madness tribute band called ‘Ultimate Madness at the age of 17. The group had a busy schedule playing up to 7 nights a week all over England.

After 4 years of intense touring and a brief 6 month cover band residency in Wales, Pete was head-hunted during a showcase in Yorkshire by the Funk / Soul touring band 'Beat Street International' in 2005 who were impressed with his energy.
Pete was called upon to play a completely new style of music and became influenced by artists such as Prince, Chic' and Parliament / Funkadelic. Now as well as England, Pete began regularly touring overseas including Germany and Israel.

During his time playing in many top resident and touring bands in the 2000's, Pete had now trained his voice and began a solo career in Florida on cruise ships in 2009.

In 2010 Pete moved to Australia performing his solo show with self-written backing tracks. During this period, he also joined a Hip hop / Rock band called 'Easy Tigers' and enjoyed an exciting tour of Western Australia. He also joined a local soul band called ‘DD Soul comprised of WAAPA students making regular appearances at The Ellington Jazz club also enjoying 2 television appearances.

In 2014 Pete returned home to write, record and produce an epic Medieval Orchestral Rock album with his family called 'The Fludes – Ancient Tales.’ The album acquired a worldwide publishing deal from legendary producer ‘Mark S. Berry in Canada receiving global acclaim. From this interest Pete gained support from companies ‘Rotosound’ and ‘Spear’ guitars.

On returning from England Pete concentrated on working with the community becoming a music facilitator and coordinator at ‘Catch Music.’ Pete has recently returned from Vietnam developing a music program for people with disability and is currently teaching guitar and performing in Perth.

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