'Professional, Friendly, and enjoyable!'

'Pete creates a balanced and laid-back atmosphere. He is very friendly, easy to converse with and has a lot to offer anyone who wants to expand their personal skill and knowledge for all things music!'

- Eason

'A fun time!'

'Pete is an excellent teacher! Technical aspects and positive criticism are always introduced through warmth and positivity. He makes the whole learning experience fun! I look forward to each of our sessions!'

- Dennis

'Fantastic Tutor!'

'Pete is a very enthusiastic and professional teacher! He provides very detailed and clear feedback offering great advice. His lessons are very enjoyable and great fun I always come away feeling like I have learnt so much!'

- James

'Very personable and committed to teaching me'

'Pete is patient and systematic in his approach to teaching, as a complete novice at the guitar, with little to no natural musical talent he is giving me a basis to be able to play the guitar and enjoy it!'

- Sam

'...Best teacher ever!'

- Phenix and Tyler, siblings