Styles Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Alternate, Grunge, Funk, Punk etc.
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitability Ages 4 to 104 years
Pricing $20 group or $35 private per 30 minutes

LOCATIONS ACROSS AUSTRALIA. Teachers who would like to become a G4 GUITAR TEACHER please visit our website at

G4GUITAR teachers are not your average guitar teachers. Our whole philosophy is based around giving students structure and benchmarks while making the lessons motivational and enjoyable. For more information visit

Locations in NSW & QLD

Burwood Castle Hill Croydon Gordon Gosford Lane Cove Marrickville Mascot Narrabeen Northbridge
Strathfield Ryde Brisbane Coming soon to Eastern Suburbs

When I started learning guitar as a child it was a complete mystery and I felt lost for some years. I eventually realised that what was lacking was an understanding of the learning process. My teacher’s genuinely did their best but for the most part they had no real plan. So we created the G4GUITARMETHOD to give students a plan.

Think of it like going a journey to a new unfamiliar place. If you had no map and no idea how long the journey would take chances are you would feel lost, confused and frustrated after a period of time. But with a map and a clear path the journey suddenly becomes clear. The G4GUITARMETHOD is like a map. Its all about creating the structure and benchmarks you need to stay focus and confident so you can make the journey. Add to this trained professional teachers and your chances of success are greatly increased.

Burwood, NSW
Travelling in the local area
Contact David Hart
Rockdale, NSW
Travelling in the local area
Contact Slava Bilash
0433 539 586
Upstairs Level 2
25 Wade Lane
Gordon, NSW
Contact Steve O'Farrell
0404 383 189
22 Claredale Avenue, Tullamarine
Pascoe Vale, VIC
Contact Stuart Curran
0401 335 953
121 Pittwater Rd
Manly, NSW
Contact Aaron Reefman
0430 513 903
79 Bellicent Rd
Bracken Ridge, QLD
Contact Judith Spencer
0402 888 146

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