Gaspar Hunt

  • BMus(hons)
  • LRSM
  • dipABRSM

$70 per hour lesson.

I am a friendly and patient teacher with over 10 years teaching experience. I am 28, half english and half french, and bilingual. I studied in London at the Royal Academy of Music and at Trinity College of Music, after which I enjoyed a busy teaching and performing life in London. I have performed on the hit TV show Made in Chelsea (, performed in Big Ben for British MPs, and work closely with Jay Aston from Bucks Fizz (winner of '81 Eurovision Song Contest, 15 million records sold worldwide) as arranger and keyboard player.

I enjoy teaching students of all levels and ages, including beginners, young children and pensioners alike. I mould my teaching to each student - many have been delighted to play the latest Disney, Einaudi, Final Fantasy, and Adele songs alongside their grade pieces.

I also love using technology in my teaching. I often get my students to send me WhatsApp recordings of their sight-reading during the week, recommend free apps to help beginners speed up note recognition, record students during lessons to help them develop critical listening, record their finished pieces so they have a growing portfolio of recordings they can send to relatives, post online and most importantly feel good about their progress.

In addition to working through pieces of increasing difficulty, I place emphasis on sight-reading (when sight-reading fails to keep up with a student's improvement, working out new pieces gets harder with every passing year, and is a leading cause for loss of interest), playing by ear, improvisation, and for those that are interested, composition, music production software, scoring video game trailers, synthesiser design...

I also love writing songs with students. I have so often been amazed at the outpour of creativity from children as young as four. I then make a backing track over which I help them record their own vocals. Sharing their recorded song with family and friends brings children such pride and joy.

Whether you're looking for lessons for your child or playing the piano has been your lifelong dream, whether you want to progress through the grades or play pieces you love purely for pleasure, I am here to inspire you with passion, patience and enthusiasm. Give me a call and get started today!

Amega Street
Mount Gravatt East, QLD
0490 953 580


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