Geoff Wright

Unfortunately, due to failing health I am NOT Now able to offer Tuition Peninsula Area, Central Coast, NSW:-Banjo; Acoustic Guitar; Mandolin, Acoustic Steel Guitar (Dobro) But I can still play!
I first picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and the banjo at 17... That was more than 50 years ago.!!
My public performances began in N.Z.'s University City, Dunedin, in the 70's with my brother and another high school friend. . We played mainly clubs and Cafes and occasional Bars performing the Folk Music of the day and some Bluegrass tunes and promoting less main stream artists.
I have always had an ear for vocal arrangements and singing harmonies and over the years have developed my playing to reflect and enhance this.
Into the 80's & 90's I became more interested in Country, Roots Music, Western Swing in general and developed my Banjo in this direction when it suited and also took a more serious interest in the Mandolin and Dobro ( acoustic steel) as alternatives.

In 1999 crossed the Ditch! and have played in several line ups in different places in Australia since.

I am now resident in the Peninsula area of Central Coast, NSW.

Details last updated: February 3, 2023