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  • Diploma of Music

My passion and experience with the guitar will be shared with you as well as my knowledge of the instrument. Whether you want to strum a few chords for fun or explore the guitar and music theory in depth, I can definitely help you.
My Diploma of Music and university studies will ensure that you receive the most up to date and cohesive education in your guitar lessons. Having studied advanced jazz guitar with Sydney Conservatorium teachers I am able to deliver sound and achievable results for you on the guitar.

If you want to jam at home, with your friends or play in a band, our lessons will support you to achieve your goals. Having years of experience playing in a band and writing songs that have been performed around Australia, having recorded albums and had songs with radio play and licensed to Logie award winning television shows such as Offspring, you will be supported in a wide range of musical adventures.

If you wish to use modern recording techniques at home, you are able to draw upon my thorough knowledge of this process. Programs such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro or Garage Band can be great tools for the guitar student. This can help make you a more well-rounded player as well as show off your songs to your friends or upload them to music sharing websites.

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