Logic Pro Tuition

Styles Contemporary, Modern, Pop, Rock, Electronic
Skill Level Beginner to advanced

Creating chord progressions that express your unique sound and make emotional connections.
Guitar, singing, bass, drum, synth, programming lessons and coaching.
Writing lyrics, telling a story and identifying your audience.
Composing & arranging strings, synths, bass lines, leads, harmonies & melodies.
Creating drum grooves to make your audience move.
Music theory, voice leading, improvising, key and time signatures, dynamics, tempo.

FX, compressors, equalisation, delay, reverb, modulation, guitar amplifier simulators.
Essential elements of recording vocals & guitars using microphones.
Tips for setting up your home studio, DAW, sound-cards, monitors, interfaces, recording gear, microphones.
Creating balanced and coherent mixes and being a master engineer.
How to craft automation, creative use of vocoders and simple ideas to make your mix sound massive.

Emotional management strategies to keep you on track and doing the important things and not just ‘anything’.
Creating a clear mission statement stating & knowing your WHY.
How to face fears, deal with personality conflicts and bring out your inner leader.
How to raise your self worth and deserve level and tackle self doubts.
How to identify and replace low-priority actions with high-priority action steps.
Sales & Marketing, how to take your products to the people who want to buy them.
Financial strategies to fund and support the project while it grows.

Tips for getting cool DIY photos and videos for social media.
Production tips, professional reviews and collaborations with Brett.
Live performance skills, stage craft, audience engagement, how to build a data base of fans
Professional band photographs, logo creation, branding, image & marketing.
Access to Brett’s address book for world class contacts in the music scene.

Robina, QLD

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Details last updated: October 20, 2022