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GROUP MELODY SCHOOL OF MUSIC (Piano Lessons, Music Theory, Childern's Choir)

General Details

Group Melody School of Music wants to share our enthusiasm for music education in a group setting. Music study develops performance skills as well as an appreciation of a fine art. Studies have found group instruction is effective in developing both performance and musicianship skills. ‚ÄčStudents are encouraged and challenged by other group members.

We currently offer three areas of group study: group piano, music theory tuition and choir.

Group piano: the classes are designed for students who are beginning piano study in a group setting. We have specific courses for both children and adults.
Music Theory: We provide all levels of music theory study appropriate for AMEB, HSC and we also offer fundamental theory study for young musicians.Choir promotes an environment of harmony and community through our singing programs.

Choir: We have different levels of choirs for children to attend.

‚ÄčAll our teachers are very experienced and degree qualified. Our staff are very friendly and willing to support students in their learning.

These details were last updated on January 9, 2017