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GROUP MELODY SCHOOL OF MUSIC (Piano Lessons, Music Theory, Childern's Choir)

Children's Choir

Styles: Classical

Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced

Pricing: Starts from $20/Rehearsal

Group Melody Choir is designed to develop children’s musicality and self esteem. Certain technical aspects of singing will also be taught (such as breathing, phrasing). We wish all the young singers to be natural singers at this age of their development. They should not sound like Dame Joan Sutherland at such a young age! The ability to sing harmony against other voices is also extremely important. This will be developed over time as the children become used to singing with each other at each rehearsal. Singing in the choir will also help all singers to develop their sight-reading skills. This will work together with aural training to ensure your child has all the necessary skills for whatever they wish to do with their music in their lives. In addition, the ability to work with other singers and conductors is something that we usually overlooked. Our Artistic Director, Glenn Amer, considers his choral training to have been one of the most important aspects of his education when he was a student at the Conservatorium of Music High School in Sydney [1986-1991].

Junior Choir from Kindergarten
Children’s Choir from Y3

Chatswood, NSW

28 Chatswood Ave
Tel (02) 8040 0328
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