Grow Music Studio - Kindermusik classes and Piano Lessons

  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Licenced Kindermusik educator

Welcome to Grow Music Studio. A community where children and caregivers come together to share, play, learn and connect through music!

Watch as your child discovers their voice, enjoy learning along side your little one and celebrate the delight of each rattle, tap and shake, jump, jiggle and giggle.

As she grows, you will delight in seeing her face light up with joy as she twirls through worlds of imagination in our preschool classes.

You’ll see their confidence soar as they take part in their first concert performance in our "Encore on Keys" group keyboard program or private piano lessons.

Trial classes are available. Additional enrolment bonuses are available from time to time, so please visit the Grow Music website for more information!

Details last updated on March 2, 2016