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Guitar By The Glass

General Details

Bachelor of Primary Education

Learn to sing and play the fun’n‘social way in Fremantle at Moondyne Joe’s.

Wind down to a circle of friends, a glass of wine, and you playing and singing your favorite songs – a Group Guitar class for adults!

Any level of expertise is welcome, whether you’re completely new, or you already have a few tricks up your sleeve.

This is a jam class which is hosted by Shaun, its focus is on strumming chords, singing, and having a great time. You’ll also be provided your own song book that we’ll be progressively adding to, so after some time you’ll have your own book that you’ll be able to jam out when you’re camping, busking, traveling, whatever!

At its very basic – this class is a fun way to wind down and destress through music. Give it a go, it will be the highlight of your week. This is a really fun, low pressure class – we learn the songs that you’d like to learn. You can join a class that already exists or create one with your friends. Groups can be up to 6 people (not including me). The class goes for at least one hour.

The class is my job so it does cost to attend, but I’m keeping it at a very competitive cost – at $30 per session, or $250 per 10 sessions when paid in full. The classes run Monday nights at 6pm and go until about 7:30.

If you’d like a free sample of the class you can download the free Podcast – just search ‘Guitar By The Glass’ in iTunes, and you’ll find it under the ‘Podcasts’ section, just click subscribe and listen. Or just follow this link –…

Now get that neglected guitar from out of the closet/under the bed, come on over, meet some new friends, and do some jammin!

Common questions
Q. Do I need to bring a guitar?
A. Yes

Q. Can I start mid semester?
A. You can start anytime

These details were last updated on July 4, 2018