My Guitar lessons with Greg

I can recommend Greg as a teacher of guitar. I started lessons with him about 2 years ago. I had an extensive varied musical background including playing guitar – I taught myself when I was 18. I was unsure what type of music I wanted to play on the guitar and Greg very patiently went though many different styles with me – and I finally settled on commencing classical guitar grades this year (2022).

I look forward to my weekly lessons and Greg is able to bring a new perspective to the pieces I am working on – and I can take on his ideas and improve. Greg is really good at teaching and being patient – and does not have a fixed idea about how to go about the lessons - instead he was prepared to work with me to find what sort of music I wanted to play. He was able to offer lessons via Zoom during the Covid lockdown. This was greatly appreciated by me.


- Karen

My work takes me around the world and so I specifically searched the internet for online lessons. Finding Guitar Impressions has been a most wonderful delight and experiencing Greg as my guitar teacher has felt transformational.

Greg is patient and kind, and he always helps make learning a pleasure. He has a carefully considered pedagogic method. From the outset, he took the time to listen to what I was looking for. Without judgement, he helped me to correct my posture and positions and he set me on the correct path for learning. Over the years he helped me deepen my understanding of the styles of music I like and encouraged me to extend my repertoire into new genres as a beginner student. I now realise he had a carefully considered order behind my experience of joyful play: the different elements of music and skills and the process of learning he taught me come together to build up the possibility of creating more.

I’d never previously considered that online lessons could be preferable to in person ones, but good microphones mean the sound is clear and with online lessons there is no need to spend time travelling or transporting a guitar, and lessons are easy to coordinate with my schedule. Greg draws on all the advantages of technology: he has two cameras which show different angles of the guitar fretboard, his finger positions and strokes. Often, I’m able to leave my zoom lesson with a video recording of Greg’s playing and this helps me to remember a song’s complex fingering or rhythm. I really value being able to check back again during my practice in the week.

Every once and a while you meet someone who you realise is truly superb at what they do. It doesn’t happen that often, and when it does, you recognise that this quality is something entirely different and beyond good work, skilled competence or day-to-day professionalism. Greg is truly superb as a teacher, and it is an honour and pleasure to learn from him. If you are reading this, I hope you might enjoy learning guitar with him as much as I have.


- AB

Guitar Impressions (Greg Cook)

Having never played guitar before, I began learning classical guitar with Greg Cook as a mature age student, some years ago. I’ve always found Greg to be a very patient, empathic and understanding teacher. As such there is never any undue pressure to achieve what is beyond reason. Greg also prepares students for examinations under the AMEB Classical Guitar programme, if desired.

Greg has an absolute wealth of knowledge with respect to guitar playing of all styles particularly classical, jazz and blues. He is also very knowledgeable with respect to music theory and structure, and always offers his students whatever genre of fingerstyle playing they desire, which makes him very diverse and accommodating teacher.

Over the years I’ve always enjoyed our lessons together, and have always found him inspirational and encouraging in every respect. I have no problems recommending Greg to potential students of all ages and levels.

Des Phillips

- Des Phillips

"I've been a student under Greg for close to nine months, after previously trying to teach myself for three and a half years. I've developed more in these nine months than I did in all the years of trying to teach myself as Greg has kindly pointed me in the right direction in regards to developing a process to learn the music and technique of classical guitar. As a result, practice has been much more productive, efficient and less frustrating. This has translated over into much more relaxed and controlled playing which I have found immensely rewarding.

Greg as a teacher shares his huge amount of life experience with the guitar and music in his sessions. Listening to his perspectives I've found to be just as important as the actual guitar playing. He has a firm grasp on what purpose music serves and pushes to see you not just play the right notes but to make something meaningful out of them. He encourages you to approach music with an open mind and sees value in different ways to learn and interpret music. He's also able to demonstrate the technical and musical side of playing with ease and it's always impressive to hear.

I would highly recommend taking lessons under Greg as you'll come out a better guitar player and musician."

Alex Clayton

- Alex Clayton

I only wish I had found Greg sooner!
He is an inspiring and patient teacher, and brilliant guitarist. 

I started lessons with Greg at age 40, after never having any musical education. I went to Greg for fingerpicking lessons with a steel string guitar and a book of tablature. 
I did not believe that I had any natural ability for music, and didn’t believe that I would be capable of learning to read music or play proper classical guitar.
However, after only a couple of years with Greg, I now read musical notation, and can apply different classical guitar techniques.

Last year I received a High Distinction for Grade 4 Classical Guitar Repertoire through the Australian Music Examination Board, and was even invited to play at Elder Hall for a student showcase.
I credit this to Greg who brought me along very masterfully with his compressive and thoughtful approach to teaching.
Greg has incredible attention to detail and musical knowledge. He will be as patient as you need, and is happy to explain things over and over again, but he will also push you when needed, to ensure you progress as fast as practicable.

I look forward to my weekly lessons with Greg and am very proud of what I have accomplished under his tuition so far. I look forward to continuing through to AMEB grade 8 and beyond.

- Bronwyn

“Greg is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and experienced and most importantly, patient. He’s great for all levels of ability and can help you improve in ways you wouldn’t believe possible. I was initially very nervous and unsure if I had the ability, but Greg has taken me on a journey where I’m playing in ways, I wouldn’t have thought I could a few years ago. I can highly recommend Greg for all ages and abilities”.

- Jason

How do I review a teacher that has taken me from crayons to perfume? -opps, sorry, different movie…

"I found Greg many years ago. We study many styles of guitar, from blues to jazz, and of course classical.
I have found Greg to be inspiring. He has a wonderful knowledge of music, and I look forward to our weekly lessons. He has taken me from a complete novice to student of some ability.
We continue to explore the guitar with its many styles. I am still thrilled to be given a piece of written music and, in a short time, to present it back to Greg - I can do this - it is this achievement that Greg is teaching me.

If you are interested in exploring Classical ‘Fingerstyle’ Guitar, I would highly recommend Greg Cook"


- Philip