Dear Mastaneh,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful recital. Harris was so thrilled and proud to participate. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. I fully believe in the positive impact of music and learning. It is teachers like you that really make a difference. Thank you.



- Parent of student

I just wanted to thank you for the patience and kindness that you have shown
the boys in these past several lessons. Your situation as the teacher has
been most trying, and you have risen above and beyond the call of duty
repeatedly. Whenever it may be that I can get Jamie to sit and focus, I
hope it will be with you as his teacher.

Thanks again. You are an amazing teacher. See you next week (fingers



- Parent of student

I have been very impressed with your teaching ability, particularly with this age group. You maintain a wonderful balance between warmth, fun, and focus. I do hope that once we are settled in our new home we will be able to resume music lessons for Aaron. However, you will be a difficult act to follow.
With warmest regards,

- Parent of student

thanks so much -- march also means our friend will be
back from france and she would love to attend -- as
soon as you give me the date, i shall let cole's
grandparents etc know -- as i write this it is 7:10
and though we are to leave to catch the school bus in
5 min, cole is practicing!!!!!!! he really does love
your classes -- thanks for being firm and kind with
him --


- Parent of student

Hi Mastaneh,

Just wanted to let you know how well Trevor is doing with his practicing. After the first day of practice, he knew hot cross buns by heart. He's still working to make the guitar position comfortable -- but he remembers to look for the alligator!  I think we need to be patient with him on the positioning -- so he feels encouraged. You're doing a great job with him. I know it's not easy to teach a four year old.  But he's a bright kid and you're a skilled and patient teacher. Look forward to seeing you on Friday.

All the best,

- Parent of student