Guitar Plus Tuition

  • 47 years as profesional musician
  • touring guitarist for village people
  • mentalas anything
  • rick price
  • bass player for couterfiet
  • john rundle and the maulers record producer for Peter David Hal
  • Sylvie Logouski (calassical harpist)
  • dd Toc Doobie Whitehorn
  • composer for Windows on the Antarctic Movie
  • Minelab film
  • VisaCar Movie and Fifa world cup

1 on 1 individual Music Tuition based in Victor Harbor.

Lessons are tailored to you and can be just guitar or combined with relative subjects like the recording process, piano/keyboards drum beats and rhythms (on a real kit), other related instruments or songwriting and arranging your own music.

87 Canterbury Road
Victor Harbor, SA
(08) 8552 6612


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Details last updated on June 22, 2021