Guitar Lessons

Styles Classical, Modern, Blues, Punk, rock, swedish metal
Skill Level beginner, intermediate, advanced,
Pricing $30 per private half hour

Learn from enthusiastic, experienced and expert guitar instructors who will take the time to understand your interests and goals and develop a lesson program specific to meet your needs.

Take guitar lessons which are fun but will also help you massively improve your musical skills, regardless of your current level.

Learn how to practice more effectively so you can progress faster.

Build your repertoire and learn to play the music you love.

Expand chord vocabulary and overcome any difficulties changing chords.

Develop rock-solid timing and learn strategies for building speed without sacrificing quality and good technique.

Learn how to access the entire fretboard and play lead guitar with confidence.

Develop your own style and become more fluent and expressive.

Gain a solid understanding of chords, scales, modes, arpeggios and learn how to apply them in a musical way.

Develop great aural skills to take your musicianship to new heights.

Understand music theory as appropriate to achieving your goals.

Guitar Village School of Music teach all styles including rock, Classical, Jazz, acoustic, blues, hard-rock and metal.

439 A Nepean Highway
Frankston, VIC
Contact Bob McMillan
(03) 9781 3160 or (03) 9781 5984

Details last updated on September 30, 2019