Hadassah Morris

  • cert 4

Singing is something most people love, and I believe anyone can do!
Some are more naturally skilled, others have to work a bit harder.
If you love singing, there is no reason you shouldn't!
I have worked with all kinds of different levels, skills and talent.
And people have improved in their singing ability and their love for singing has grown.

I have been singing all my life.
I've had training in England and Sydney.
I have a certificate 4 in music.
And for the last 6 years I run a successful entertainment business with my husband, doing over 50 gigs a year.

Individual lessons are available but also group lessons.
Individual prices $30 for 30 min
$45 for 45 min (recommended for adults)

Bunbury, WA
Travelling in the local area
South Bunbury, WA


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Details last updated: February 3, 2023