Hannah Faye McConaghy

  • Bachelor Music Performance (Cello)
  • Bachelor Business Management
  • Graduate Diploma Secondary Education
  • Graduate Certificate Religious Education


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Playing a musical instrument is a valuable undertaking for any person of any age. Whether they learn in order to pursue music as a professional musician or to play for their own enjoyment, music develops key skills and traits which are valuable such as diligence, persistence, and self expression.

I work with students to ensure that they can suitably develop these traits to the best of their ability. I work with all students to develop a strong technical foundation, to ensure they will never be limited by how well they can play.

For students wanting to pursue their playing into University, this ensures they can capably perform pieces as they move onto increasingly difficult repertoire. For students just wanting to play for their own enjoyment, this means teaching them the fundamentals of how to play, and then mentoring them in how to apply that to the style of playing they wish to play.

In my own playing, I have experience as not only a classical musician as a soloist, in orchestras and small groups in weddings; but also as a guest artist and recording musician for a large number of bands across Brisbane. This draws on a variety of skills which differ from those learnt by only learning classical music.

As I cater for this wide range of students, I have experience teaching a very broad range of ages and abilities. There is no age limit to who can play music, and I am willing to work with you to help you achieve what you would like to achieve.

So if you're interested in working through AMEB grades, or simply playing the Cello as a hobby and an excuse to enjoy some music, give me a call!

Albany Creek, QLD
Travelling in the local area
0437 344 839


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