Singing/Voice Lessons

Styles Pop, Rock, Soul, R & B
Skill Level All Levels
Suitability Ages 7 to 80 years
Pricing $35 for Half Hr Lesson, $60 for 1Hr Lesson

Singing Lessons and Vocal Training for all levels.

At HHVS, we teach singing from the perspective of the singer. We use terminology, concepts and practices that allow our students to find and maintain vocal balance in a manner that is easily attainable.

Our approach to training voaclists is a wholistic one. In our aim of producing accomplished vocalists of an exceptional standard we incorporate these 4 elements into our lessons.

Vocal Technique
Performance Skills
Vocal Health
Musicianship Skills

We avoid methods of teaching that involve a lot of scientific or descriptive terminology that can be potentially confusing to our students.

Our lessons consist of simple cause and effect exercises that are specifically targeted to address the needs of the individual student.

As a result voice students can hear and feel the difference in their own voice almost straight away and can move on to the next phase of their learning.

The foundation of what we teach is vocal balance. We believe that this is the key to ensuring success in a singer’s voice.

Vocal balance gives singers the ability to control their voices while singing any style of music. It allows them to sound free and natural. We think a singer should be able to access all dynamic levels in their voice without straining, cracking, or breaking.

Head Voice Coach of HHVS, Hannah harris, is a registered IVA Instuctor. IVA (Institute For Vocal Advancement), is program dedicated to understanding how the voice works, and how to diagnose and fix problems in any voice.

48 Coode St
Bayswater, WA
0415 208 689

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Details last updated on November 13, 2019