Piano Lessons, Accompaniment, VCE Music Performance Tuition

Styles Classical
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Associate Diploma (Distinction) - Trinity College of London
Licentiate Diploma (Distinction) - Trinity College of London,
VCE Music Performance raw score: 48
DUX of Hillcrest Christian College
Bachelor of Primary & Secondary Education (Honours | Major in Music Education) - Monash University
Registered Teacher - Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)

Having taught both privately and in schools for more than a decade, my desire is to nurture in students a love and interest in music that can last a lifetime. This means building constructive relationships with students, catering each lesson to students' individual needs, interests and learning styles, and working with parents to create a strong, supportive learning environment.‚Äč Each lesson is designed to sustain students' interest and engagement while cultivating their musical technique and theoretical understanding.

My desire is for students to:

  1. Be involved in the learning process and to work together with their teacher to construct and deepen understanding. I encourage students to take ownership of their learning while serving as the springboard for their interest by providing the guidance and support needed to create student success.

  2. Be critical and creative thinkers who can use their understanding competently. I work with students to develop strategies for reading and analysing music themselves, and equip students with metacognitive strategies which help them understand the fundamental principles of music.

  3. Be proficient musicians with the motivation, confidence and skills to use and apply their learning. This is the foundation of my pedagogical approach and a driving momentum behind my teaching.

Berwick, VIC

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Details last updated: July 5, 2023