“Just a quick note to let you know how much our family, especially my daughter Eva enjoyed your music course. I think it's important to give feedback as it can be hard to gauge how it is going, unless someone lets you know.

We enjoyed the style, the length and content. Goals were set and could be achieved. It was amazing how my daughter's confidence grew and her singing voice improved, without even realising.

I look for new activities to give my children the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and grow in confidence and resilience. My children are Aboriginal and so it is hugely important that all activities that they do are culturally appropriate. It is surprising how many activities are not appropriate usually due to the language or learning style that teachers, students or parents use. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes knowingly and not "getting it"

Your course was culturally appropriate inclusive in it's language, style of conversation and content. While I know it was online you had a presence that made my daughter feel comfortable and confident in who she is, you saw her. I appreciated that your feedback commented on her smiling face and you could see the joy in her face. These are practices that are subtle and important to a child who may feel that she is a little different and becoming aware of those differences. It is the imbedded inclusive practices that have a tone, language and feel that make you want to come back to as you know it is a safe place to grow, which is what we want for all our children.

I will highly recommend your program and look forward to the next one.”

- Jen, Kotara South