The Singer's Space

Styles Jazz, Musical Theatre, RnB, Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul and Funk
Skill Level Beginner to professional
Pricing 30 minutes $50/ 45 minutes $75/ 60 minutes $90

Helen is a professional singing teacher who has taught private students, small groups and choirs for over 25 years.

Helen's vast experience in contemporary music, both as a professional performer and teacher, enables her to harness her student's potential and develop their talent.

Whatever the student's level of progress, Helen has the skill, knowledge and dedication to meet the student where they are and take them forward.

Lessons include: breathing, vocal technique, projection, tone, diction, expression, improvisation, ear training, harmonies, stage craft and performance.

Lessons are exciting and develop the full range of skills required by a competent singer.

Beginners to professional. Preparation for auditions, exams and performances or just for the "joy of singing".

Coogee, NSW
(02) 9665 0988

Details last updated on October 23, 2020