HSC Music Tuition

Develop your skills in aural analysis, composition/songwriting, essay writing, sight singing, viva voce presentation, or any of the skills required for HSC Music 1, Music 2 or Extension Music.

Helen Perris Music Studio’s aim is to provide a relaxed, fun environment, where every student is set up to succeed. You will be immersed in both the technical and artistic sides of your chosen instrument, with a strong focus on performance techniques. Theoretical and historical context is also covered in order to achieve a holistic approach to develop you into a musician, not just a singer or a pianist. Lessons are tailored to your individual needs.

You will be given guidance not only throughout your lesson, but also on how to make the most of the time between lessons. Goal setting, task management and learning how to prioritise are integral to lesson structure, empowering you to take control of your learning experience.

The Studio fosters a strong sense of community, encouraging students to perform with and for each other whenever possible.

Lalor Park, NSW
(02) 8840 4058

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Details last updated on November 28, 2020