Helen's lessons are great.........I always look forward to them, and always come away from them happy, challenged, and having learnt a lot.

With Helen I can tick all the boxes......great knowledge of the clarinet, wide experience, sound teaching methods, enthusiasm, patience.."...I could go on and on

- Jill

A year and a half ago, I took my first steps towards reaching my goal of once again playing a clarinet in a concert band. After an absence of 60 years from any musical involvement, I embarked on my great adventure by purchasing a new clarinet and signing up for private lessons with Helen Rowlands – the best decision I have made for an extremely long time! Helen has provided a supportive, encouraging environment in which I have been able to regain confidence and maintain my enthusiasm. Her classes have involved not only enough challenge to keep me working at my highest level but have also kept me motivated as I could see improvement from one week to the next. Her technique is excellent, ensuring quality lessons that provide a strong foundation for continual improvement in the future. She also makes the learning process fun as she incorporates a wide variety of activities that keep students motivated to practice. In addition, Helen is a delightful woman who relates well with her students regardless of their ages. Her true gift to me, however, has been the help and guidance she has provided that has allowed me to attain my goal of once again playing the clarinet in a concert band. It is with pleasure that I strongly recommend her as a music teacher for any age or level of student.

- Anne