Guitar Lessons

Styles Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Blues, Metal, Funk, Pop, Classical
Skill Level All skill levels, beginner through to advanced.
Pricing $30 per half hour/$60 per hour, held at my studio in Richmond

Hi Guitarists!

Lessons open to all ages and skill levels, tailored to each student with an emphasis on developing well rounded skills required to play music both solo and in a group setting.

My aim as a teacher is to make the lesson as informative and engaging as possible, emphasising a thorough understanding of the core elements of playing but doing so in a way that is not a deterrent to learning. If I can inspire students in the same way that I have been inspired by some of my teachers then I come away feeling like I have achieved my goal as a teacher.

Some areas I like to cover:
Changing between chords smoothly and in time - Right hand technique - Soloing/Improvising - Reading notated music - Rhythm - Tonal production - Learning the fretboard.

Lessons are conducted at my studio space in Richmond, however it is also possible to arrange lessons at the students house. I hold a valid Working With Children check.

Past students have also been prepared to audition for and successfully admitted to a Bachelor of Music Performance.


  • Accreditation: Bachelor of Music Majoring in Jazz Performance (Monash University)

  • 7 years teaching experience, having taught a variety of styles to all skill levels from beginner to advanced, as well as to all age groups.

  • I perform regularly at Jazz clubs and other music venues around Melbourne, and my past teachers have included the very best guitarists in Australia. I also have a background in many other styles of guitar playing, having played in pop/rock/funk and fusion bands for a number of years before I began my Jazz studies, and continue to play in projects in these genres.

37 Clifton St
Richmond, VIC
0400 950 246

Details last updated on July 1, 2019