Hobart Guitar School

Has your child always dreamed of learning the guitar but you don’t know how to get them started?
Are you looking for a fun and inspirational guitar teacher for your child?
Are they struggling at home trying to teach themselves from the internet, books or DVD's?
Are they an intermediate or advanced player looking to break out of a rut?
Do they want to play their favorite songs just by listening to them?

Do they want to create their own songs and solos but don’t know how?

I have helped many people in these situations overcome their guitar playing problems.
The fastest way to learn guitar is to work with a teacher with a proven track record of helping people to reach their guitar playing goals. Someone who will teach your child and develop their playing so that they are able to play guitar the way they want to, in the shortest amount of time.

They will learn how to practice guitar effectively to gain maximum results.
They will learn the right things, in the right order, at the right time
They will have the opportunity to meet and play with other like minded guitarists in our unique musical community

This is the Hobart Guitar School advantage!

Beginners of all ages welcome
Free Trial Lesson – Contact us Today!

Phone: 0416 012 482
Email: pete@rockbandacademy.com.au
Website: www.hobartguitarschool.com

Level 1
69 Liverpool St
Hobart, TAS
0416 012 482


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