Howard Wu

  • LmusA

I am a very well-versed player, with a 100% scholarship to Haileybury College, around a decade of experience in orchestral playing and leading, as well as completing VCE Music Performance and obtaining an LMusA Licentiate qualification.

In addition to teaching Beginner and Intermediate players, I can also help Advanced players playing at LmusA standard depending on repertoire.

Lessons will be orientated with the student's wishes, whether be casual learning or for performances and any other purposes. I will focus on the intricacies necessary to develop proficient playing that is essential for music at the higher end and adjust to the needs of the student. For casual players who want to learn more about the instrument and the techniques involved and have fun, I am open to anything so feel free to contact me.

Classes are flexible in time, with my availability being mainly week nights and most of the weekend. Contact for further details.

Glen Waverley, VIC
0413 787 020


Details last updated on June 27, 2019