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Ian Dunn

General Details

Accreditation MTA of NSW.

No longer taking on students under 20 yrs of age. Part time tuition as I cannot commit to full time.

So if you are looking for a “Teacher” please ask their qualifications. An Accreditation from the Music teachers Assoc. is also a plus or at least a minimum.

The majority of persons advertising are not qualified so do your research. A teaching qualification from the Education Dept is not a “Piano Teachers” qualification.

Your best chance for a qualified or Accredited Teacher is to contact the “Music Teachers Assoc. of NSW”

The MTA Council has determined that the minimum Recommended Teaching Fees for Members of this Association are as follows:

$84.00 per hour (Private)
$92.40 per hour (Private) with GST included

These details were last updated on November 23, 2016