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Imelda Purcell

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Imelda has lived in Camberwell in the city of Boorondara for over 5 decades. From her preschool and school years, she wanted to be a music teacher. During these years she learnt piano, violin and organ. From 1978-82, Imelda studied at the Music Faculty at Melbourne University, where she graduated with both a Bachelor of .Music- B. Mus (major- piano) and Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus). From 1985-1994, she taught both classroom (Grades 5- Year 12) and instrumental music in Independent, State and Catholic teaching systems. Imelda formalised her singing skills during these teaching years.

After 10 years of music teaching, she studied pastoral work and counselling, after which she worked in these areas for 8 years. During this time, her love of music was enhanced by the enriching experience of being Choir Director before becoming full-time carer for her elderly parents for 9 years.

Imelda engages in music ministry at St Dominic’s Catholic Church East Camberwell where she sings and accompanies herself on either piano or organ each Sunday evening. She also sings in the choir at 11am Mass. She mainly sings alto but is known to sing soprano, descant or tenor depending on what is required and who is missing in the choir. She is also highly sought after to play and/or sing for weddings and requiems and other special liturgical celebrations.

Imelda believes strongly that everyone who plays an instrument music needs to understand it and learning Theory is essential to a greater appreciation and enjoyment of performing. Imelda teaches theory to both young children and adults. She also teaches her basic music theory courses online using platform.

Come and experience the joy of learning Theory at Purcell Music Studios.

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