Imogen Brough

  • Master of Music Performance Teaching
  • Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Bachelor of Music Performance (Improvisation)

Imogen’s music is enough to carve a niche in the current Folk and Celtic landscapes. Having toured with Ireland’s Brain Kennedy, song-written with Damien Leith, supported Lisa Mitchel, as well as had her music featured on successful American adds, the Australian TV show ‘Winner and Loosers’ and the movie trailer for ‘Dance Academy’, the world of opportunities is endlessly exhilarating. The blend of ambient vocals, moving strings and powerful drums denote an atmosphere waiting to be held and adored by those who listen. Recently, Imogen has been composing the soundtrack from a short film based in Scotland called Utapia which will be finished at the end of 2017.

Having completed a Master of Music Performance Teaching at the University of Melbourne Faculty of the Victoria College of the Arts, as well as a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at The Australian Catholic University, Imogen is currently a vocal teacher around her creative career.

Geelong, VIC
Travelling in the local area
0433 274 669


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