Inge Courtney-Haentjes

  • Completed Diploma of Violin Performance at the Conservatory in Freiburg
  • Germany.

Violin, Viola and chamber music teacher with many years of experience, both in individual teaching and in chamber music coaching. Taught violin at private and public schools for a number of years, as well as privately from home for over 30 years.
Member of several Symphony Orchestras, concert master and leader in Symphony and Opera orchestras, as well as other groups and chamber music ensembles.
Having toured, recorded and performed with a variety of groups and orchestras, I would like to pass on my love of music which is deeply satisfying and has the power to connect us with other people, give us endless opportunities to learn and to grow, to explore many different styles, -from Folk, Gypsy and Tango to Jazz, Blues and Funk, from Baroque to Contemporary. The world of music is forever changing and unlimited. I truly enjoy being a musician, and love sharing my experience with my students.
The art of performing is another fascinating field in which I'm very interested, as well as the music of different periods and it's varying styles, instruments and interpretation-.
Finally, great emphasis is being placed on practicing and playing in a sustainable and efficient way, and to cultivate good and healthy playing habits from the very beginning.

Thornleigh, NSW
Travelling in the local area
(02) 9484 1287 or 0402 571 110


Details last updated on May 25, 2020