Sandra Chen (Principal & Founder)

  • Bachelor of Music (King's College London)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Singapore)
  • Master in Music Education (Boston University USA)

Hi! I'm Sandra, the founder of Inspired Music Studio. Our teachers and I LOVE sharing the gift of Music with our students. We have taught students of all ages from multiple nationalities, and have seen them blossom, both as musicians and as lovers of music.

Teaching philosophy:

Our teaching philosophy is that every person (child or adult) has great music potential and talent. We are confident that every student can achieve their music goals under our patient, creative, and experienced instruction.

Teaching style:

We am friendly, yet firm. We tailor each lesson to match the goals of each student, and encourage creativity and active engagement throughout the lesson. Our students are comfortable during lessons, but every minute is well spent, and every lesson is productive.

Teaching language:

English or Mandarin

Lessons We Offer (available in Individual or Group Lessons):

  • Classical Piano (exam / non-exam options)

  • Pop Improvisation Piano / Keyboard

  • Worship Piano / Keyboard

  • Music Composition / Songwriting

  • Play-By-Ear lessons

  • Music Theory

  • Classical Music History and Appreciation

  • Music Exploratory for Young Children (Solo / Group)

  • Any other music goals you may have. All lessons are tailored to meet each student's unique music education goals.

As our music student, you get to enjoy the following:

  • The opportunity to perform in 1 student concert per year. These student concerts are a great way for students to share live music with family audiences in a safe and relaxed environment.
  • Consistent dedication and encouragement from our music teachers.


嗨!我是Sandra, 灵感音乐学校 的创办人. 我和这里的老师们最爱和学员分享音乐礼物,我们教导过无数多元国际不同年龄层的学生,也见证了他们成为音乐爱好者和创作者的成果。







课程内容 (一对一或小组):

  • 文艺钢琴(考试/非考试)

  • 流行音乐钢琴/电子琴

  • 教会崇拜音乐钢琴/电子琴

  • 歌曲创作/音乐创作

  • 随听课

  • 乐理课

  • 文艺音乐历史与欣赏

  • 儿童音乐拓展课

  • 其他特别为个别学员量身订做的课程


  • 每年有1次机会参与音乐演奏会的演出

  • 音乐老师会密切关注和鼓励学员继续学习


Sandra is interested in the ‘whole child’ - always situating her lessons in the context of a child’s life and relevant to daily experiences. She works equally successfully with children who have a talent for becoming very skilful pianists and with children who are more interested in piano as a medium for wider understanding and learning of music.


When I get stuck, instead of saying "you're expected to know!", Sandra gives clues instead of telling the answer. I always think Sandra makes it really fun, every lesson is like a treat. I feel really happy during the lessons and we get rewarded with stamps when we work hard.


KAI TE HUKI (12) - U.S.A
Sandra uses all the time really productively and makes sure you learn the song. If you make a mistake , she will correct you in the nicest way possible. I feel like I'm being very productive lessons , and it's an energetic lesson so I don't feel really bored at all.


Sandra helped me to understand all the piano notes and signs. I always feel excited before and during the lesson and I also like that every time we get 30 stamps we get a prize!


If I make a mistake , Sandra's always like "we can fix it" even though I don't get the stamp. She always teaches with a happy tone instead of sounding discouraging or angry. She lets us learn any song we want to learn. I feel excited and happy about what we're going to do next.


Details last updated on July 9, 2018