Sandra is interested in the ‘whole child’ - always situating her lessons in the context of a child’s life and relevant to daily experiences. She works equally successfully with children who have a talent for becoming very skilful pianists and with children who are more interested in piano as a medium for wider understanding and learning of music.



When I get stuck, instead of saying "you're expected to know!", Sandra gives clues instead of telling the answer. I always think Sandra makes it really fun, every lesson is like a treat. I feel really happy during the lessons and we get rewarded with stamps when we work hard.



Sandra uses all the time really productively and makes sure you learn the song. If you make a mistake , she will correct you in the nicest way possible. I feel like I'm being very productive lessons , and it's an energetic lesson so I don't feel really bored at all.


- KAI TE HUKI (12)

Sandra helped me to understand all the piano notes and signs. I always feel excited before and during the lesson and I also like that every time we get 30 stamps we get a prize!



If I make a mistake , Sandra's always like "we can fix it" even though I don't get the stamp. She always teaches with a happy tone instead of sounding discouraging or angry. She lets us learn any song we want to learn. I feel excited and happy about what we're going to do next.



Ms. Sandra is a Great teacher. She is so good because she helps you work up to your goals. And she tells you lots of awesome strategies. It really helps me to learn new songs with the motivation she gives me. Her teaching works with any style of music. I have been learning piano for 2 years now, and I already feel like I am great at piano. And when you do duets with her, it is SO FUN! She improvises to make the song sound better. And when I make a new song, she will help me make the song sound much more better! Ms. Sandra is the best music teacher ever! 5 stars!

Ms. Sandra是一位伟大的老师。她非常善良,因为她可以帮助你实现目标。她告诉你很多很棒的策略。通过她给我的动力学习新歌真的很有帮助。她的教学适用于任何风格的音乐。我已经学习钢琴2年了,我已经觉得自己很擅长钢琴。当你和她做二重唱时,真是太棒了!她即兴地让这首歌听起来更棒。当我制作一首新歌时,她会帮助我让这首歌听起来更好!Ms. Sandra是有史以来最好的音乐老师! 5星!

- JANESSA (10)