Vocal Tuition

Styles Modern Pop/Rock, Musical Theatre
Skill Level All levels
Pricing $120 an hour, $100 for 45 mins and $80 for 30 mins (discounted packs available, see website)

My singing lessons are now based on cutting the things I used to hate and adding in things to keep you engaged and actually enjoying your time in the studio!

You're told what we're doing (and more importantly why) every step of the way
You can freely ask any questions without feeling like a moron
The studio is a safe space where you can explore your voice despite it being a pretty vulnerable activity
You get access to an entire library of vocal exercises so you never wonder what you heck should practice
Mistakes are embraced and learned from rather than used as humiliation ammunition
You're invited to optional get-togethers for adult students to watch shows/gigs and the odd karaoke session to add to your lessons - no embarrassing forced student concerts though I promise, I hated those!

Your lessons are tailored to you and your pace. I'll show you the skills and techniques that'll make your singing easier, stronger, more efficient and (this is key) teach you how to apply them when you practice on your own.

It's my job to teach you how to teach yourself, not string you along for the rest of your singing life.

I firmly believe that you shouldn't need to see a singing teacher every week for the next decade to get a handle on how it's done if they teach you right.

455 St Kilda St
Elwood, VIC
0439 672 527

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Details last updated on August 17, 2017