Piano Teacher

Styles All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Pricing $70 an hour

Isaac is a very experienced teacher with multiple students going on to study at leading tertiary institutes around Australia. Isaac's approach to teaching is built on the Russian School, and encompasses a threefold method of ensuring the mind, body, and heart all function as one.
He places a strong emphasis on technique, taking elements from both the Taubman Approach and the Russian School, creating pianists with fluid technique, beautiful tone, and the ability to express without resistance from the body.
Isaac has a strong passion for children's pedagogy, and ensures lessons for young students are a fine balance of fun and serious work.

Isaac encourages parents of very young students to attend lessons to aid them at home, and encourage parents of upper years primary students to attend at intervals throughout the school term.

St Kilda, VIC
0447 371 135
Melbourne, VIC
Travelling in the local area
0447 371 135
Brighton, VIC
Travelling in the local area
0447 371 135
St Kilda East, VIC
0447 371 135

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Details last updated on April 5, 2018